Sunday, March 21, 2010

Clean Australia Day - Sunday, 7 March 2010

This year was special for Clean Australia Day and provided a great opportunity to get out and help clean neighbourhoods.

I participated at Glenwood and Kellyville sites. This is one example of taking direct action for your neighbourhoods.

Hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the nation today helped celebrate Clean Up Australia Day’s 20th anniversary year, donning gloves to clean up Australia’s major rubbish hotspot areas and clear the most frequently dropped items, including cigarette butts and recyclables such as glass, plastic and paper.

It has been estimated that a staggering 15,560 tonnes of rubbish has been removed from beaches, waterways, parks and bushland across Australia. Approximately 588,000 volunteers across the country are taking part in the day at 7073 registered sites, which marks an increase of 6% from 2009.


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