Friday, December 5, 2008

A few highlights todate...

The genesis of the project lies in my participation in the Self Expression and Leadership Programme, by the Landmark Education, Sydney.

The project was covered on 4 November 2008 in the Hills Shire Times - A local community newspaper with over 65000 readers.

The possibility of the project was presented to the Local Public School - Kellyville Public School who took upon themself to do a school project for childrenwhereby students measure the carbon footprint of their homes and families. This is happening in Term 1, 2009. And a great lead in the community involvement.

The Baulkham Hills Shire Council has agreed to provide every assistance as may be required to engage with the local community.

The Climate Action groups such as Hills against Global Warming invited me to their event, wherein we viewed a docmentary on the Carbon Connection (the downside of carbon trading on the local communities).

Climate Friendly - a commercial organisation provided 50 brochures and marketing materials to support the programme.

The programme was mentioned on the Carbon Footprint - an interest group on the LinkedIn, leading to several enquiries from overseas ventures to support the project.

The programme generated considerable interest in the local neighbourhood with a few enquiries about how to participate in the programme.

More to follow....

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