Sunday, December 7, 2008

How do we calculate our carbon footprint?

There are many ways of calculating carbon footprint...and there are many nifty calculators that can help you do that, you can spend 10-15 minutes to several hours trying to calculate impact of your activities on the environment..depends on how accurately you want to do it.

For the purpose of this community project, I am trying to find an easy to use carbon footprint calculator which everyone can use without much technical background or training. In this quest, I have located the links below that provide fun and engaging options (courtesy: EPA Victoria):

Personal Calculator
Home Calculator

[Note: Just follow the instructions. Keep your latest electricity, gas, fuel, water bills handy.]

The calculators can help you to set the targets to reduce your carbon footprint and live sustainably. You can even save money.

Enjoy...let me know your experience. Drop me a line...

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mikesac said...

There should be a way surely.But there are many statistics everyday and I wonder which one is the nearest to accurate.

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